Creative Soul offers various holistic sessions that span the interpersonal and social aspects of living. We cultivate experiences that inspire reflection, self-regard, transformation and the audacity to evoke change within ourselves and our shared communities. Our sessions allow individuals and institutions to set the parameters for their needs and to choose their desired pathways of exploration.

Our Wellness Sessions

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Building Y/our Own Table: Wellness Session

This session calls participants to consider and create methods of preservation. Participants are prompted to grapple with the systems of power, oppression, marginalization and others alike that impact and alter their lives, and encouraged to tap into what they and their communities intrinsically possess to counter, alleviate or eradicate its effect.

I See You: Wellness & Social Justice Session

This session is community-based and involves intentional pair-work that prompts participants to expand their capacities for discernment, observation, connection, and sharing and cultivating space with and for those they coexist with.

Individual & Collective Power: Social Justice Session

This session grapples with participants’ understanding of their personal and social positionality. They are called to evaluate their personal and communal spaces and unpack their relations to them with an emphasis on contribution. Concepts explored include social responsibility and reciprocity.

Locating Your Crown: Creative Wellness & Social Justice Session

This session is empowerment-focused. Participants' self awareness and esteem will be engaged during this session. Participants are prompted to locate their innate power sources through introspection, memoir or poetry writing and should leave with a renewed sense of self and confidence in their natural capabilities.

Preparing for Winter: Wellness Session

This session promotes self-care and self-preservation. Participants are called to give meaning to the seasons they undergo in their lives and how they prepare for and mitigate each. Through reflection on their experiences, coping mechanisms, vices and priorities, they will be better able to evaluate the ways in which they approach and deal with the intricacies of their lives. Such will provide participants with clear steps on how to sustain themselves on the road(s) ahead.

The Body Tells The Story: Arts Wellness Session

This session engages participants' body awareness and uses storytelling as the avenue through which volume is given to the body's language. Participants will engage in re-memory and reflection to craft dialogue that stands true to what the body wishes to say.

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