Educational Services

Youth & Schools

Creative Soul House offers youth development services in the arts, social justice, and mind body wellness. We offer school day, afterschool and summer youth programs for high school teens and consulting services for schools in need of curriculum and program design assistance. Our goal is to cultivate experiences and opportunities that foster holistically-conscious young adults who are capable of transforming themselves and their communities.


Creative Soul House brings youth programs directly to your school site

Creative Soul Enrichment Program

Creative Soul Enrichment Program (CSEP) is a weekly workshop-intensive program that uses the arts to develop youth consciousness in social justice and mind body wellness. The program empowers youth to find and shape their purpose and passion, and gain the tools & strategies need to transform their communities. In the Creative Soul Enrichment Program, we believe and teach youth that in order to be a game-changer for our communities, we must first transform and nurture ourselves socio-emotionally.


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will expand their capacity for art production through genre exploration and aligned- craft development

  • Participants will produce polished art portfolios that demonstrate their learning & experience

  • Participants will use the arts as a means to explore the deepest facets of their lives


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will leave with a greater sense of self and motivation to live purpose-driven lives

  • Participants will build networks with practicing creators who empower them to turn their passions into careers

  • Participants gain strategies to overcome social-emotional challenges

Social Justice

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain key strategies to counter the oppression faced in their lives

  • Participants will expand their abilities to engage with post-colonial, critical race, class and gender theories that shape their lives

  • Participants will create connection with and develop uplifting projects for their community








We believe that all young adults should have access to safe, transformative spaces that foster autonomy, self-awareness and socio-emotional skill development.

We believe that all young adults should explore self-expression and their social impact through the arts.

We believe that all young adults should engage the communities that they are members of in positive and impactful ways.


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Creative Soul House offers consultancy services to schools looking to embed intentional enrichment experiences into the fabric of their culture (equity, diversity and wellness).

Program Design

We can design your programming frameworks, refine your program vision and provide you with clear steps on how to bring a program to life.

We can design the following:

  • week intensives

  • quarterly programs/initiatives

  • semesterly programs/initiatives

  • yearly programs

  • summer enrichment experiences

Let us help you design your school's enrichment programs and youth experiences

Curriculum Design

Creative Soul Alliance Partner

Creative Soul Alliance Partner (CSAP) provides enrichment support and curricular development assistance to educational institutions looking to integrate culturally-relevant, socioemotional learning and other youth development resources into the culture and fabric of learning at their site.

What's Included

  • curriculum development

includes guidance on how to embed creative wellness, social justice and the arts into your school's elective and humanities courses

          • Scope & Sequence

          • Backwards unit Design

          • Performance Assessments

          • Lesson plans

  • Staff Planning Retreat

  • includes guidance on how to enhance whole-child development learning at your site

        • social-emotional learning

        • arts activism

        • social justice

Let us help your teachers and academic deans to re-imagine school humanities curricula that fosters whole-child development

Staff Wellness Workshop

We provide professional development experiences that build community and cater to the wellness of your staff. Customize the wellness experience you are looking for if our pre-designed sessions may not be a best fit.

Let us help nurture your staff & shape their professional development experiences