Educational Consulting

Creative Soul House helps schools, organizations and companies develop programs and curricula to support the holistic-development of youth and adults at their sites.

Creative Soul House offers youth development services in the arts, social justice, and mind and spirit wellness in the form of:

  • school-day workshops

  • after-school programs

  • summer youth programs

Creative Soul Enrichment Program is a workshop-intensive program that uses the arts to develop youth's self-awareness, consciousness and ability to inspire change in their communities.

for youth, ages 11-18.

Creative Soul House offers and consulting services for companies in need of professional development workshops or curriculum and program design assistance.

Our goal is to cultivate experiences that foster holistically-conscious adults who are capable of transforming themselves and their communities.

Program Design

Program Design

We can design your programming frameworks, refine your program vision and provide you with clear steps on how to bring a program to life.

We can design the following:

  • week intensives

  • quarterly programs/initiatives

  • yearly programs

  • custom contract

Let us help you build a program or special learning experience for your site.

Curriculum Design

Creative Soul Alliance Partner

Creative Soul Alliance Partner (CSAP) provides enrichment support and curricular development assistance to institutions looking to integrate culturally-relevant, social-emotional learning and other people development resources into the culture and fabric of learning at their site.

What's Included

  • Curriculum-Development

includes guidance on how to embed creative wellness, social justice (diversity, equity & inclusion) and the arts into your instructional practice

          • Scope & Sequence

          • Backwards unit Design

          • Performance Assessments

          • Lesson plans

  • Staff Planning Retreat

  • includes guidance on how to enhance social-emotional learning & diversity, equity & inclusion within learning experiences

Let us design a transformational learning experience for people at your site.

Staff Wellness Workshop


We facilitate development workshops for adults at companies committed to building communities that support the livelihood of its employees and stakeholders.

Customize the wellness experience you are looking for if our pre-designed sessions may not be a best fit.

Let us help nurture your staff & shape their professional development experiences